Squirrels in the Attic - Squirrel Removal in Westchester, NY

squirrels in the atticDo you have squirrels living in the attic? TriState Wildlife can help!

Squirrels in the Attic is one of the most common wildlife issues that home owners in Westchester, NY face. Squirrels breed twice a year (early spring and winter) and pregnant female squirrels tend to favor a safe and insulated attic to nest and have their young. Squirrel colonies tend to group together in attics, allowing serious damage to compound very quickly. Insulation can be completely ruined in a manor of weeks through contaminants like squirrel feces and urine.

When squirrels are found living in an attic, the best possible solution is trapping and relocating them. To schedule an inspection of your attic near Westchester County, NY, Call (914) 315-7033

Squirrels are not typically aggressive animals, but like any wild creature, they may attempt to defend themselves when feeling threatened. If a squirrel has gotten into the living space of your home, keep to a safe distance and call a Wildlife Professional to help.

TriState Wildlife provides Humane Squirrel Trapping, Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control, Squirrel Damage Repair, Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration, Throughout the Westchester County area of New York.

Squirrels in the Attic? Call our Westchester County, NY Office (914) 315-7033

Removing Squirrels in the Attic near Westchester, NY

Squirrels in an Attic Near Westchester County, NY

TriState Wildlife is a multi-generation, family operated business, with over 45 years of experience, in the field of nuisance wildlife removal. We've spent decades developing and perfecting the most innovative techniques, to successfully solve any wildlife issue a homeowner may face. This unparalleled level of wildlife experience and expertise has earned us a wonderful reputation, making Tristate wildlife the highest rated wildlife removal company in the Westchester County area of New York. We're the preferred company of local Police Stations, Municipalities and of course, our Satisfied Customers! We're on call 24/7, for all Raccoon Removal Emergencies in the Westchester, NY area.

We specialize in Humane Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Relocation Services including: Bat Removal, Raccoon Trapping and Removal, Squirrel Removal, Woodchuck Removal, Mice and Rat Control, Skunk Removal, Bird Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Complete Home Animal Proofing, and Attic Decontamination and Restoration. We never use poisons or chemicals unless it's absolutely necessary!

Read about Potential Health Hazards and Our Squirrel Removal Process!

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attic squirrel removal Cute Baby Grey Squirrel Holding Onto My Glove attic squirrel trapping Squirrel Trapping in Westchester County, NY flying squirrel on book shelf Flying Squirrel Hiding on a Book Shelf fireplace squirrel trapped Squirrel Removed From Fire Place By Hand trapping squirrels in Westchester County, NY Squirrels Trapped and Relocated

squirrel damaged belongings in attic A Family's Boxes of Belongings Chewed Apart insulation with squirrel feces Contaminated Insulation & Electrical Wiring damaged electral wiring Squirrels Chew on Electrical Wiring - Very Dangerous! night vision - flying squirrels Night Vision Camra Catches Squirrels in the Attic caught flying squirrel Flying Squirrel Trapping and Relocation

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel Noises in the Attic - Westchester, NY

    "We just TriState Wildlife to remove a family of squirrels from our attic. We thought it was just a little squirrel problem when we started hearing noises in the attic. We had no clue just how bad it had gotten. The guys at TriState actually went up into the attic during their inspection to show us exactly what was going on. It was a nightmare!

    They set traps inside the attic and on the roof where they were getting inside. They were able to catch all 12 of them over the course of four days. They repaired all of the damage to the outside of the house to keep them out. They also cleaned up the huge mess that the squirrels made in the attic. That in itself was a fascinating process, although a little unnerving after reading up on all of the diseases squirrels carry. My only regret is waiting too long to call in an expert.

    TriState Wildlife provides first rate service. I can definitely recommend them to anyone with an animal problem."

    Jamie Delancie - Westchester, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel Trapping and Removal - Attic Restoration Service

    "My attic was infested with squirrels that completely destroyed my attic. They ruined every bit of insulation by making it their personal toilet and tearing apart everything they could find. The squirrels even chewed through thick support beams. It was insane! Thankfully I found TriState Wildlife, who took care of everything.

    There was a lot of work involved. The guys at tristate were great about documenting everythings as they went. They took before, during and after pictures of all of their work, which looked perfect. Their price was reasonable, especially considering their expertise. They were quick too. They finished the squirrel trapping, seal up, and attic decontamination in under two weeks. When they finished, not only were the squirrels gone, but so was any trace that they were ever in the attic. I was really pleased with the service."

    Adam McKenzie - Westchester County, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel in the Attic Trapping and Removal Services

    "I highly recommend this company if you've got animal problems. We had squirrels living in our attic. They were chewing everything, making noise all day long, and destroying our insulation. TriState came out the same day we called. They humanely trapped the squirrels and repaired all the damage they caused. 5 star service!"

    Larry Arnett - Westchester County, NY | Google+ Testimonials