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westchester bat removal We're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all emergency animal removal, including bat removal and rabies testing! If a bat has flown into a room, close the door and stuff a towel under the door. This will effectively quarantine the bat in a single space, making it much easier to locate and trap, as well as preventing it from making contact with anyone inside the house.

Caution: Please Do Not Open a Door Or Window to Let The Bat Fly Away

Whenever a bat has been discovered within the living space of a home, Department Of Health strongly recommends that it be brought in for rabies testing. This hold especially true when someone in the house was awoken by the bat flying around a bedroom. Bats have been known to scratch and/or bite a sleeping person without them waking up, because of how sharp their teeth and claws are.

"In two-thirds of the cases of bat rabies, people could not remember being bitten. Health officials say the majority of human rabies cases in the U.S. have resulted from exposure to rabid bats." - Dr. Mark Rapoport Girl Infected By Bat Contact Dies Of Rabies

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Emergency Bat Removal - Bat in Living Room

Bat Inside The House Bat Damage in Attic Bat Feces Damage in Attic Westchester Bat Removal Westchester Bat Exclusion

Emergency Bat Removal and Exclusion Service in Greenwich, Connecticut

This Big Brown Bat was found in the bedroom of a Greenwich, Connecticut home. The homeowners weren'tt happy with the bat flying through the house at 2am, and even less happy to find out they had a colony of bats living in their attic! The next morning, we began the process of bat proofing the house. Roughly one week later we had our bat eviction devices up and in place. The homeowners called us around 9pm to let us know they had watched 40-50 big brown bats fly out of the house, and not be able to get back in... Continue Reading on Google+

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Get to Know Your Bats

westchester bat controlIn the northeast we have two main species of bats that will set up shop in our homes. The first is the Little Brown Bat. Little Browns will enter an attic in the early spring and have their pups inside. The new family of Little Brown bats will generally leave in the fall, to head for the caves, but will come back to your house the following spring to continue the cycle.

The Big Brown Bats can handle the cold a little better and will "Winter Over" meaning if they have picked your house to roost in, they will never leave unless forced out. They will hibernate in your attic during the winter months and become active again in the spring. Unfortunately, this species of bats is the most common.

Bats are not Rodents or Birds, They are flying mammals. For this reason bat removal services as well as decontamination services are generally covered by your homeowners insurance. We work with your insurance company to get you covered, and protect your family at no cost to you when possible.

Bat control must be performed without harming the bats! Bats are Protected under federal and state law! It is against the law to remove bats from a house when babies are present and not capable of flight to prevent them from becoming trapped inside.
They can only be Relocated, Not Exterminated!

Never have your house bat-proofed by an exterminator. You need a nuicense wildlife control professional on site during the eviction process to insure its success. Check out our Bat Removal Gallery to see how other companies in the area are "sealing" up homes. We provide environmentally friendly bat removal techniques - Humane Bat Control.
No Chemicals or Poisions are ever used to remove your bats!


Bats are Beneficial to the Environmant, Not Your Home!

One reason we like bats is that they consume their body weight in insects every night. This helps in protecting humans from vector born diseases. When you have your house bat-proofed, the bats generally don't go far. You still have the benifits of them being in the area, just not in your home.

The main reason we dont want bats roosting in our attic is that they often end up in the living space of the house. Because bats are noctournal, this always happens in the middle of the night. Not only is it scary to be awoken from a nice sleep with a bat in the bedroom, but it is also a health risk. Bats have a fairly high incidence of rabies. Rabies is always fatal if untreated in humans.

bat bugs on westchester batAnother downside to having bats in the attic is the accumulation of bat droppings("guano") that contain pathogens and serve as a breeding medium for insects and fungi, some of which can cause disease. They also carry parasites like fleas and ticks, many of which are disease vectors. Bat Bugs are commonly associated with bat infestation. Bat bugs are closely related to Bed Bugs. Bat bugs can migrate into the living space of the home to feed on people and pets instead of bats.

Histoplasmosis - Bat Guano
Histoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by inhaling the spores of a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which is commonly present in Bat droppings. When dry bat dropping are disturbed (sweeping them up), the fungus spores can become airborn and breathed in. Histoplasmosis can appear as a mild, flu-like respiratory illness and has a combination of symptoms, including malaise (a general ill feeling), fever, chest pain, dry or nonproductive cough, headache, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, joint and muscle pains, chills, and hoarseness. *Do not disturb any suspected bat droppings

Our Process: Bat Removal is a Job for Professionals

westchester, ny bat removal processBat-proofing is difficult and hazardous work. Bat-proofing is always done at the roof line level. This means ladders; scaffolding, and sometimes lifts/boom trucks. When you arebat proofing a house, you may run into direct contact with the bats inside. Anyoneperforming bat proofing work should have their rabies shots.

Our technicians go through extensive training. We use specialized equiptment and employ the nations strictist health and safety precautions. Our detailoriented technicians go inch by inch to ensure all access points are discovered and sealed. Because bats enter the house through very small accesses (3/8 of an inch by 1/2 inch), being thorough is imparative. All our work is guaranteed and comes with a fully backed warranty.

We start with a complete site inspection...
We go through the attic to dertermine what type of bats you have, how large the colony is, and how much damage they have done to your home. We then check the entire roof line to see where the bats are entering and how to best remove them.

The process of bat-proofing is to seal the entire house down to main bat entrance and install special one-way systems over the main accesses. The one-way valves/netting are left up long enough for ALL bats living inside the house to leave. Once all bats have filtered out of your home, we then come back to finish sealing remaining open areas.

We use only the best materials available, so we can provide unparalleled warrantys. No other company in the area has as much experience as we do when it comes to keeping bats out of your house.


Hazardous Contamination Removal | Click to Read More

Cleaning up the mess the bats have left behind is extremely hazerdous work. Most companies in our field don't even want to get involved with bat cleanup. In most cases they seal up the house and dont even bring up the health risks to the home owners still sitting in their attic.

• When extensive bat damage has occured, the entire space must be decontaminated. This begins with sealing off the space from the rest of the house to prevent cross-contamination.

• Highly trained technicians, wearing hazmat grade protective equiptment, begin the process of bagging and removing every piece of contaminated insulation.

• Once all insulation is removed, the entire space is vaccumed with commercial grade HEPA-Vacs and disinfected with powerful, bacteria killing solvants.

• Only after the space is deemed safe, can the attic be reinsulated with fresh, high-grade insulation.

Our company has Performed Thousands of bat control and removal jobs throught the years. No Matter How Big Or Small!

Emergency Bat Removal in Westchester, NY

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westchester bird removal Bat Hanging on a Laundry Basket in a Closet crew bat proofing in nyack, ny Seal Up Crew, Bat Proofing - Rockland, NY emergency bat removal - westchester, ny A Big Brown Bat Caught at 4am in a Basement in Westchester, NY Bat hanging by its entry point Bat Hanging Near Extensive Grease & Fecal Staining bat proofing home in westchester new york Repairing and Sealing House for a Bat Infestation

complete home bat proofing Westchester, NY Bat Removal and Exclusion Service bat in the house Bat Hanging Upside Down, Sleeping in Room bat droppings around house Tiny Gap Used by Bats to Get inside the Warm Attic westchester ny bat control Bat Playing Hide and Seek During Emergency Call staining on siding from bat droppings Bat Dropping and Grease on Siding at Their Entrance

bats in attic vent Bats Roosting Behind an Attic Louver Vent bat droppings in attic Contaminated Insulation from Bat Infestation sealing up home for bats Bat Proofing in Progress. Sealing Up the Porch nighttime bat removal This Bat Took Forever to Find. Great at Hiding! seal up house with bats - westchester, ny Using the 40 Foot Ladder to Seal a Chimney for Bats

bat flyng around bathroom - katonah, ny Emergency Bat Removal in Westchester, NY bat biting my glove Big Brown Bat Trying to Bite Through My Glove armonk, ny - bat guano in attic Attic Space Contaminated With Bat Guano bat droppings in attic vent Bat Dropping in an Attic Vent - Falling onto the Porch bat hiding behind facia board Roosting Bat Found Behind a Facia Board

contaminated attic space Damage Caused by a Small Bat Colony in an Attic emergency call - bat behind blinds Bat Hiding Behind the Livingroom Blinds guano pile in garage Two Days of Bat Droppings in an Elmsford Garage bat entry - missing bricks Missing Brick & Mortor - Used as a Bat Entry Point urine stains and bat dropings Feces and Urine Stained Plywood in a Crawl Space

bat hiding in an air conditioner A Bat Hiding in a Play Room Air Conditioner bat sleeping on book shelf Emergency Call - Small Bat Hiding on a Book Shelf bat crawling on motion detector Bat Crawling on the Living Room Motion Detector bat exclusion service - bedford, ny Bedford, NY - Bat Exclusion. Sealing Every Inch bats hanging behind vent Family of Bats Roosting in an Attic Vent

bat exclusion - new canaan, ct Sealing a House for Bats in New Canaan, CT hiding big brown in the living room Big Brown Bat Hiding in Plain Sight successful bat trap Impressive Wing Span for Such a Small Bat histoplasmosis contamination Extensive Bat Contamination - Risk of Histoplasmosis emergency bat removal, chappaqua, ny Bat Hanging on a Finished Basement Wall

big bat flying around room Emergency Bat Removal - 3 AM Master Bedroom close up of captured bat Bat Caught By Hand - Close Up attic clean up Attic Clean-up & Restoration - Franklin Lakes emergency bat removal Bat Trapped in Kids Room - Flying Around bat close up Looks Pretty Scary Up Close!

severe attic damage Contamination Often Piles Up Very Quickly! big brown caught in Goshen Tired Bat Resting In a Bedroom's Central Air hanging bat in living room Attic Clean-up & Restoration - Franklin Lakes   extreme bat contamination Pretty Gross Bat Contamination - Active Colony bat hiding on curtain Bat Trying to Blend in With the Living Room Curtains

night time bat removal, nyack, ny Big Bat Trying to Evade Capture in Westchester bat caught and released Relocating a Bat That Was Live Trapped bats in the attic - westchester, NY Attic Clean-up & Restoration - Franklin Lakes   bat sleeping in living room Sleeping Bat Just Before Getting Caught emergency bat trapping Here's a Closer Shot - Kind of Cute at this Angle

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Westchester Bat Removal5 Star Rating Bat Removal and Exclusion in Westchester, NY

    "TriState Wildlife really seems to be at the top of their field. Last spring, we talked with four separate companies about removing the bats living in the attic. TriState Wildlife was the only company that my wife and I felt comfortable working on our house. During their initial visit, they put ladders up to check out the roof, they took pictures of the damage in the attic and showed us recent examples of their work. Kris was professional and able to lay out his exact game plan for getting rid of the bats, going so far as to show us every product he'd use and where.

    Their team came to work every day, until all the bats were all out and couldn't get back in. They were quick and efficient, and their work looked great! It was invisible everywhere possible and compliments the look of the house everywhere else. They were a great company to work with and we couldn't be happier with the results."

    Taylor Steiger - Pleasantville, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • Westchester Bat Control5 Star Rating Emergency Bat Removal in Westchester, New York

    "My husband and I came home from dinner to hear squeaky, clicking noises coming from the bedroom. My husband turned on the light to see two big bats flying around our ceiling fan. We called the local police, since we didn't know who else to call. They gave us TriState Wildlife's phone number and said that they were the best in the area.

    Even though it was later in the evening, they took our call on the second ring. They told us to close them off in the room if possible and stuff a towel under the door, so that they could crawl out into the main house. 'Batman' showed up shortly after, closing himself in the bedroom and walking out with two trapped bats in no time. He was like a Bat Whisperer! They tested the bats for rabies, which luckily came back negative. They also sealed up our roof line, so that they couldn't get back in.

    TriState did an excellent job from start to finish. They didn't harm the bats living in our attic, but made sure they were gone for good. They cleaned up the mess that the bats had left behind and guaranteed all of their work with a 25 year warranty! After seeing them in action, it's easy to see why the police recommended them. They do great work!"

    Karen Johnson - Harrison, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • Westchester Bat Trapping5 Star Rating Westchester Bat Removal - Noises in the Attic

    "I highly recommend TriState Wildlife if you're having wildlife problems, because they're awesome at what they do. They were a huge help when I found out there were bats living in my attic. They clearly explained the scope of the bat problem and all of my options in great detail. From start to finish, they were very knowledgeable and professional. Every time I had the smallest question or concern, they took the time to explain it to me.

    They removed all of the bats in about a week, decontaminated the attic and even installed a new chimney cap. I got to watch the bats fly out of the attic and fail to find a way back inside. It was amazing and I couldn't be happier that the bats are gone for good!"

    Robert Bradham- Katonah, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • Bat Removal in Westchester, New York5 Star Rating 24/7 Emergency Bat Removal in Westchester, NY

    "I've never been more scared in all my life! I woke up in the middle of the night with a bat crawling around the covers. After throwing the covers and nearly falling off the bed, my husband and I ran to hide in the bathroom. He was just clearheaded enough to grab his cell phone before slamming the door shut, which allowed us to find TriState Wildlife online.

    Kris immediately started calming us down. He told us that we should be perfectly safe, but if we were more comfortable, we could stay in the bathroom until he got there, since he was just down the road. As silly as it sounds, that's the option we went with. 45 minutes later, he'd found the bat hiding in our closet and removed it from the house, giving us the all clear.

    Kris was able to give us some peace of mind that night, which is incredibly valuable after such a harrowing experience. He prepared the bat for rabies testing and called to give us the good news, that the health department's tests had come back negative! We're both so grateful for their help!!"

    Jennifer Carrera - Armonk, NY| Google+ Testimonials