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Dead Animal Removal can be pretty disgusting work! It may not be the most glamorous service we provide, but it's easily one of our most appreciated.

westchester ny dead animal removal When an animal dies inside your home, it naturally begins to decompose, and the stench that follows is often unbearable. Without locating the source and removing it, the smell can take several weeks before it even starts to dissipate. The dead animal is also a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, hundreds of flies and thousands of maggots. To put it plainly, you wont be able to wait this one out!

If an Animal has died on your property, Call Us immediately! (866) 977-4607

We don't pick up roadkill off sidewalks or streets. We also don't remove domestic pets. For these issues, please Call your Local Animal Control Department.

We specialize in Dead Deer Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Odor Control, Rabid Raccoon Removal, Rabid Skunk Removal, Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration. Whether your Dead Animal issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with an immediate solution!

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Dead Animal Removal - Westchester, NY

Dead Animal in Wall Dead Animal Smell in Wall Dead Mouse in Wall Mouse Dead in Wall Dead Animal Removal - Putnam County

Dead Animal Removal in Putnam County, NY - Dead Animal in the Wall

Homeowners don't often realize that using poison* for rodent control regularly leads mice dying inside their walls. It's shocking how horrendous a single dead mouse can smell, but once it starts to permeate the house, it quickly becomes unbearable! As the animal begins to decompose, it becomes a breeding ground from disease vectors like flies and maggots. If left untreated, the smell can linger for months, before beginning to dissipate.

TriState Wildlife never uses poisons or harmful chemicals when removing nuisance wildlife, including rodents. Targeted trapping programs are more humane and effective in solving the issue. Please do not use poisons inside your home!... Continue Reading on Google+

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Wildlife Case Studies: Dead Animal Removal

Homeowner Trapped a Raccoon Family Under His Deck - Westchester, NY

We got a call from a homeowner in Westchester NY, asking about our Raccoon Trapping Programs. He said there was a family of raccoons living on his property, and he wanted our help relocating them. As soon as we got out of the truck, we were hit by an unbelievable smell of death, coming from under the deck. We also noticed freshly poured gravel and cinder blocks that closed up all of the decks openings.

The homeowner said the raccoons had been living under the deck, but he sealed them out a couple weeks back. We asked him how long the rotting smell had been around, but he still hadn't put two and two together. In his haste to fix the problem himself, he actually trapped the entire family of raccoons under his deck, causing them a painfully slow and cruel death.

In order to get rid of the horrific smell, we needed to locate and remove every decomposing carcasses. This was a process of following our nose to where the odor was most pungent, and pulling up deck boards one at a time, until all bodies were found and removed. After decontaminating and deodorizing everything, we were able to replace the deck boards again.

With the completion of this project comes a stern admonition. Never seal up an animals home, without first having them trapped and relocated. The alternative is more expensive and undeniably disgusting!

pulling deck boards to find smell Removing Deck Boards to Locate the Dead Animals dead mother raccoon under deck First, We Found Momma Raccoon Dead For Weeks found another dead raccoon Pulled Up More Boards to Find Another Baby removing dead animal smell Most Likely the Last Raccoon to Die Under Here more dead baby raccoons Baby Raccoon Decomposed to Almost Nothing

found dead raccoon under deck This Was by Far The Roughest One to Remove dead animal removal service Close by Was Another Baby That Died Quickly removing dead animals from deck High Level of Decomposition. Horrendous Smell raccoon died under deck The 4th and Final Baby Was Found and Removed repairing animal damage Deck Boards Replaced After Decontamination

Removing a Dead Opossum from Under the Kitchen Floor - Westchester, NY

Occasionally, when an animal is sick, it'll try to find a nice warm place to pass away. In this case, an Opossum dug itself under the house and crawled up into the floor joists. He ended up dying in the insulation, under the kitchen floor. After a few hot summer days, the stench growing the house finally became unbearable.

The Westchester, NY homeowner was told over the phone, that for this type of Dead Animal Removal, we would likely have to cut through the floor to retrieve the carcase. By using the best tool in our arsenal (a finely tuned nose), Kris was able to locate the exact spot the opossum died. After cutting him out of the floor, the space could be decontaminated and deodorized. The flooring was replaced and looked as good as new!

pulling deck boards to find smell Kris Locating the Exact Spot the Opossum Died dead animal removal Opossum Found In Early Stages of Decomposition found dead raccoon under deck Kris Using his Grabber Pole to Remove the Dead Animal dead animal removal After Cleaning & Deodorizing, The Insulation Was Replaced. dead animal removal The Flooring Was Also Replaced - The Final Result!

Dead Deer Removal in Westchester County, NY

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dead deer removed in westchester, NY Poor Young Deer Died Behind a Customers Home dead animal removal in westchester, ny Festering Skunk Could be Smelled Inside their home attic contamination dead squirrel Dead Squirrel Found During an Attic Restoration dead deer removal in greenwich, ct Small Deer Found Dead Not Far From the Road horrid smell under porch - dead raccoon Rabid Raccoon Died Under a Low Porch - Pretty Bad

dead smell under somers deck Terrible Smell of Death Coming Up From this Porch source of smell - removing dead raccoon Source Found - Dead Raccoon Decomposing remains of decomposing raccoon Removing the Raccoon Carcass With a Grabber squirrels poisoned in attic This is Why You Shouldn't Use Rat Poison Inside dead squirrel in ceiling Cutting a Dead Squirrel Out of a Bedroom Ceiling

dead squirrel remains This is What a Dead Squirrel Looks Like removing dead bird in attic Removing Dead Birds From an Armonk, NY Attic dead bird removal More Birds in the Attic, Killed by Nesting Raccoons decomposing cat - side of house Dead Stray Cat - Decomposing Behind a House nj rabid skunk removal Dead Skunk Shows Classic Signs of Rabies

deer died in driveway Injured Deer Passed Away in the Driveway dead deer in private pond Dead Deer in a Private Pond - Side of a House dead deer in above ground pool This Deer Was Hit by a Car and Died in a Pool removing dead deer from poolGetting the Deer Out Was a Two Man Job! dead bloated deer - above ground pool One of the Worst Removals We've Completed

removing dead deer in somers, ny Deer Hit by a Car and Died in a Back Yard dead deer removed from yard Removing the Deer by Hand all that's left of a dead deer Bedford. NY - Dead Deer Eaten by Something dead baby squirrel in attic Armonk, NY - Baby Squirrel Died in an Attic dead mouse in attic Dead Mouse - Poisoned in an Attic

dead mouse in insulation Mouse Died in the Walls decomposed mouse in old trap Decomposed Mouse in an Old Exterminators Trap dead opossum by garage Dead Opossum by the Garage - Putnam County hole made in deck for removal Cut Out Deck Boards to Find a Dead Opossum dead opossum smell found The Source of the Terrible Smell

removing dead opossum Removing the Opossum's Remains by Hand raccoon died under deck Sick Raccoon Died Under the Deck dead poisoned rat Poisoned Rat Died in a Crawl Space skunk died in yard Rabid Skunk Wandered into a Yard and Died dead opossum in basement Adult Opossum, Died Under the House

connecticut dead skunk removal Dead Skunk Removal - Fairfield, CT rockland skunk removed Removing Dead Skunk From Behind a Shed decomposed remains of an attic squirrel Decomposed Squirrel - Terrible Smell in the Attic! dead smell in window well Dead Squirrel Removed from a Window Well dead rotting deer Dead, Rotting Deer Removal

dead deer eaten by something Dead Deer Found eaten in a Back Yard dead deer pulled out of the water Removing Small Dead Deer From a Pond two dead deer Dead Deer Removal Service. Chappaqua, NY dead deer by kids trampoline Dead Deer by Kids Trampoline in the Back Yard removing decomposing deer Flys and Maggots Started Removing The Deer Before We Got There

squirrel skeleton in attic Kris Finding Another Poisoned Squirrel in the Atticdead opossum on welcome mat Dead Opossum on the Welcome Mat raccoon with rabies Rabid Raccoon Shot and Left by Local Police skunk with rabies Skunk With Rabies Died in the Back Yard

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Dead Animal Removal in Westchester, NY - Dead Skunk

    "TriState Wildlife's a great company that can take care of the gross stuff for you. They were fearless in the face of the worst smell I've ever experienced. A poor little skunk died inside one of the basement window wells, after spraying repeatedly. It was a couple of days before I realized what had happened, when the whole house started to reek. TriState came out to remove the skunk and got rid of most of the truely awful smell using their bag of tricks. We're really grateful for their help and hope that it never happens again."

    Mary Sewell - Yorktown, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Dead Deer Removal in Westchester County, NY

    "Thank you so much for getting the dead deer out of the pool! It was way too heavy for my wife and I to move on our own and unbelievably disgusting! We're happy to have him gone, even if it's gonna be a while before either of us want to use that pool again."

    Joseph Richardson - Rye, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Dead Animal Smell in the Wall - Westchester, NY

    "A dead mouse in the wall is hands down the worst smell that I've ever encountered. Our exterminator told us that the mice would eat the poison in his bait stations and die outside, but he couldn't have been more wrong. The stench seems to be everywhere all at once, but Kris from TriState Wildlife was able to find the dead mouse right away. I don't think that we could have lived with that smell for one more day, so thank you!."

    Erica R. Garrison - Armonk, NY | Google+ Testimonials