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westchester skunk removal Skunks aren't "mean" animals by nature, but like any wild animal, they will attempt to defend themselves against a perceived threat. New mother skunks are known to act aggressively to protect their young. Skunks are also known carriers of rabies. If a skunk is stumbling through your yard, be sure to keep a safe distance and remove your pets from a potentially dangerous encounter.

If a skunk raises it's tail in your direction, move away immediately! A skunk can spray its noxious, foul-smelling odor up to 16 feet with incredible accuracy. Their spray is an overwhelming liquid, often shot toward the eyes, causing extreme irritation and stinging and generally giving you a really bad day or two! It's so potent, that even bears are repelled by it! Baby Skunks may look adorable, but they're an even greater threat for spraying, because they can't always control when they spray.

If you or your pet get sprayed - Immediately make a paste from:
1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
¼ cup of baking soda
1–2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap

Wash the affected area, keeping the solution away from your mouth, nose and eyes. This will dramatically reduce the odor, although, you may still hate skunks for a good long time after! Call Us Today! (866) 977-4607

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Westchester Skunk Removal

Skunk Under Porch Skunk Living Under Porch Skunk Poop Skunk Trapping and Removal Skunk Relocation

Skunk Trapping and Removal in Mamaroneck, NY - Westchester County

Our office received a call last week from a homeowner in Mamaroneck, NY who had a terrible odor coming from under the house. As soon as we pulled into the driveway we knew what the problem was. This poor family had a skunk move in that decide to spray the house. We followed our noses to the opening in the foundation the skunk had dug to get into the crawlspace.

We set a trap and caught the skunk that night. Closed up the hole, and relocated the skunk.... Continue Reading on Google+

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We specialize in Humane Skunk Trapping & Relocation, Skunk Damage Repair, Animal Proofing and Dead Animal Removal. Whether your Raccoon issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with a lasting solution!

Skunk Dangers & Common Encounters

rabid skunk removal in westchester, ny Skunks are the number one carriers of the rabies virus in our area. Rabid skunks will often be seen during the day, wandering in circles, looking disoriented. At the end stages of the virus, they can be seen foaming at the mouth. This is why it's so important not to approach a skunk on your property! Keep kids and pets away and call immediately if you suspect a skunk may be rabid, or has died on your property.

Skunks don't have the ability to climb, so when a skunk falls in a window well, they can't get out on their own. You will usually know when this has happened, because the scared skunk will begin spraying and may not stop. If it's sick, or a healthy skunk is not removed, it will die there. The sooner you call, the better!

Skunks can't climb, but they do dig! Most of the time, they'll be digging for grubs or bugs in your yard or garden, but occasionally they decide they'd like to dig under a porch, or shed, to set up their new home. This is typical for pregnant females looking for a warm place to have her young. If a family of skunks have moved in, we can help!

After humanly trapping and relocating the family of skunks, all holes and weak points can be permanently sealed and animal-proofed. The odor of nesting skunks will attract other animals to move in after they have gone if not properly sealed.

* Be sure not to block a skunk hole unless the skunk has already been removed! The skunk will die, and the smell will be atrocious!

Dead Skunk Removal in Fairfield County, CT

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westchester skunk removal from shed One of Eight Baby Skunks Removed From a Shedfamily of 9 skunks caught Eight Baby's and Their Mother Trapped By Handskunks cant climb Baby Skunk Stuck In a Window Well Sprayingholding baby skunk Rescued Baby on Her Way to a Rehabilitatorskunk inside the house Found This Little Guy Under the Couch

 skunk trapping - residential Cute Smelly Skunk, Trapped and Relocatedskunk damage from digging and nesting Skunk Damage - Digging & Nesting in a Shedhumane skunk relocation Adult Skunk Released Back into the Wildremoving-relocating skunks We Weren't Even Gone 30 Minutes When he Found Our Trapskunk relocation - westchester, ny Skunk Removed and Relocated in Westchester, NY

skunk control - removal Tough Little Guy in a Trap. About to Reunite With His Mamaholding shy baby skunk Bashful Baby Skunk is Hiding From the Cameradead skunk with rabies This Skunk Died of Rabies is a Back Yardskunk died under house Decomposing Skunk In a Crawl Spaceskunk died in a window well Poor Skunk Died Unable to Climb Out of this Window Well

dead skunk smell Dead Skunk Removal - Source of Atrocious Smellbaby skunk walking through garden Cute Baby Skunk Spotted in the Gardenskunks in window well Skunk Family Living in a Window Welltrapped baby skunk Healthy Skunk Patiently Waiting For Helpadult skunk caught in trap Repete Offender Caught by a Garbage Can

skunk capture and release Humanly Caught & Relocatedscrappy skunk in a live cage trap Skunk Trapped last Winter in Chappaqua, NYrabbid-foaming skunk died behind house Rabid Skunk - Foaming at the Mouth Before it Passed Awayskunk released back into nature Relocating a Skunk from Yonkersskunk getting relocated Skunk in a Small Trap - Waiting for Transport

skunk dropping under porch - armonk, ny Skunk Feces Under a Porchsmall opening entry point for skunks A Small Hidden Opening Was Being Used to Come and Gohole + torn insluation Insulation Torn From Under the House by a Nesting Motherskunk removal, ardsley, ny Humane Squirrel Removal - Ardsley, NYholding two baby skunks Two Baby Skunks Abandoned by Their Mother

trapping skunks Adorable Baby Skunk in a Live Cage Trapskunk in garage - franklin lakes Little Skunk Trying to Hide in a Garagespraying skunk found under house Westchester, NY - Skunk Living Under a Houseskunk on my property Skunk Relocated to a Wildlife Sanctuaryrelocating skunk Big Agressive Skunk Exploring His New Home

skunk caught in raccoon trap Got Sprayed by This Skunk While Removing Himdamage from skunk This Guy Did His Best to Destroy a Bed Roomskunk digging under porch Pregnant Female Skunk Dug Her Way Under this Porchskunk family in window well Mother & Four Babies in a Window Wellharrison, ny skunk trapping Beautiful Skunk Close Up

small skunk in trap Cute Baby Skunk in a Have-a-Heart Trappound ridge, skunk removal Small Skunk Caught in a Raccoon Trapskunk trapping - westchester, ny Skunk Trapping in Westchester, New Yorkbaby skunk stuck in window well Baby Skunk Fell into this Window Well and Couldn't Climb Outskunk cant climb out of window well Skunk Found In Window Well - Westchester, NY

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Dead Animal Removal in Westchester, NY - Dead Skunk

    "TriState Wildlife's a great company that can take care of the gross stuff for you. They were fearless in the face of the worst smell I've ever experienced. A poor little skunk died inside one of the basement window wells, after spraying repeatedly. It was a couple of days before I realized what had happened, when the whole house started to reek. TriState came out to remove the skunk and got rid of most of the truely awful smell using their bag of tricks. We're really grateful for their help and hope that it never happens again."

    Mary Sewell - Yorktown, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Skunk in the Window Well - Westchester Skunk Removal

    "When a little skunk fell down our window well, we panicked. The little guy was spraying and couldn't seem to climb out on his own. TriState came right over and risked a very smelling night to rescue it. We were really happy with the outcome. We'll be using TriState Wildlife again for any future wildlife issue."

    William Little - Harrison, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Dead Skunk Under the Porch - Skunk Removal in Westchester

    "Thanks to TriState Wildlife, our skunks are gone for good! I thought that I'd fixed the problem when I blocked all of the holes under the porch, but then the smell came. When TriState Wildlife came, they didn't hesitate for a second, army crawling under the porch to get the dead skunk out. I had them go ahead with a proper seal up, so now I don't ever have to worry about a smell like that again. A+ work!"

    Larry Arnett - White Plains, NY | Google+ Testimonials