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bird in bathroom Most of the common birds in the northeast are protected on a federal and state level. Without the proper permits, it's illegal to kill or even indirectly harm a protected bird. Bird removal can be a tedious and complicated process, but with the right know-how, your bird problem can be solved! We provide non-lethal, humane bird exclusion and bird proofing, in compliance with all environmental protection laws.

We specialize in Humane Bird Trapping, Pigeon Removal, Woodpecker Removal, Bird Damage Repair, Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration. Whether your Bird issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with a lasting solution!

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Unprotected Dryer Vent Bird Nest In Dryer Vent Birds in Dryer Vent Westchester Bird Removal Installing Bird Guard

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Birds absolutely love unprotected dryer vents! Since they're often warm and completely protected from the elements, they provide the perfect nesting space. Once filled with nesting material, the dryer vent not only becomes ineffective, it creates a serious fire hazard. In some cases, the nest can be removed from the outside of the house, then the vent can be bird proofed. In some cases however, the entire vent pipe may need to be disassembled, in order to clean out all debris and contaminants. Being thorough is always key.... Continue Reading on Google+

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Bird Related Health Hazards

Birds can be a health hazard, and damage and deface property. Birds can get caught, or make their nests in building ventilation, dryer vents, air conditioners, HVAC ducts, exhaust fans or even in your attic space.

Many species of birds carry pathogens in their dropping that can cause serious diseases, such as, histoplasmisis, cryptococcosis, and even avian flew. They also carry mites and parasites that can migrate throughout your home's duct work.

Woodpeckers are a very common nuisance bird in our area for obvious reasons. They are destructive and can be very loud and annoying! They too are protected by law and must not be harmed or killed. However, there are several very effective, human exclusion methods we can employ to repel them from your home or building.

Once the birds and nesting have been successfully removed, we can repair structural holes and gaps to keep them out of your attic, and repair cosmetic damage to restore the look of your home. When needed, chimney caps may be installed, or repaired to keeps birds and other animals out for good.


Do You Have a Pigeon Problem?

Pigeons love to nest and roost in the interior of homes and buildings! Steeples, eves, vents and attic spaces, make perfect homes for this messy, nuisance birds. Pigeons can cause excessive damage, inside and out of a structure in a very short period of time. Pungent odors from their defecation and feathers accumulate, often in your ventilation, leading to an unsafe environment for your family or employees.

Pigeons are known to carry a number of diseases, such as histoplasmosis, pigeon ornithosis, salmonellas, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, and encephalitis. They also host parasites, such as ticks, fleas, mites and biting lice. It's important to have an expert remove your pigeons for your health and safety.

Pigeons removal is usually a very difficult and involved process. It takes expert behavioral knowledge to effectively solve even a small pigeon problem. We always remove Pigeons as humanely as possible, using live trapping and chemical-free dispersal techniques.

Once we've encouraged all the Pigeons to move on, we can proceed with cleaning up their nesting, hazardous mess and repairing their damage and entry points.

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Bird Removal and Control in Westchester, NY

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westchester bird removal Birds Nesting in an Unprotected Chimney - New Cap Installed bird proof attic vent Attic Vent Screen Installed to Keep the Birds Out for Good! remove baby bird from stove vent Removing a Small Bird from a Vent by Hand - Westchester, NY westchester bird control Two More Birds and Nesting Removed, Then Bird-Proofed bird droppings in attic Insulation Damaged from Bird Nesting and Droppings

bird nesting and damage under porch Birds Brought Thousands of Bird Mites Under This Porch removing birds nest Cleaning out Bird Nesting Before Screening It Off bird mess on siding under dryer vent Birds Nesting in Dryer Vent - Bird Poop on Siding birds using vent Close up Of Dryer Vent Damage installed bird guard Nesting Removed & Bird Guard Installed

bird in bedroom Bird Flying Around Master Bedroom - Resting on Closet Door bird in bedroom trapped Bird Caught and Relocated in a Live Trap bird droppings and nesting Bird Dropping and Nesting Under a House bird nesting in ac Birds Nesting Under an Air Conditioning Unit birds living in air conditioning Disgusting Bird Nesting is Filled With tiny Mites

bird nesting in venting Destroyed Dryer Venting Found in Armonk, NY bird living in dryer vent Birds Living in a Damaged Vent Above Bedroom bird in dryer vent Birds Coming and Going All Day and Night bird caught in laundry room Bird Caught by Hand in the Laundry Room bird nesting in katonah ac unit Dangerous Bird Nesting In AC - Respiratory Risk

birds in churchPigeons Living in a Church Steeple, Causing Damage remove pigeons Free to Come & Go Through an Unprotected Vent birds living in air conditioner A Family of Small Birds Was Living in This AC Unit birds in dryer vent Three Birds Found Nesting in a Dryer Vent bird in chimney Small Bird Using an Uncapped Chimney as it's New Home

attic vent filled with nesting Attic Vent Filled With Bird Nesting, Spilling onto the Porch Below birds nesting in attic Birds Nesting Damage In a Rockland, NY Attic bird in bathroom Port Chester, NY - Bird Stuck in a Master Bathroom bird captured in house Caught her with a Big Net and Bite-Proof Gloves bird in bathroom caught She Looks Beautiful Up Close!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Birds in the Fireplace - Bird Removal in Westchester, NY

    "TriState Wildlife did a great job of getting the birds out of our chimney. We didn't even realize that our chimney cap was messed up, until we heard the birds from our fireplace. We knew it was a fire hazard and there was a risk of them getting inside the house, but mostly it was just gross. No matter what, we didn't want the birds harmed in any way, which is where TriState came in. They were able to pull the birds out by hand take them away from the property for relocation. They even bird proofed the chimney right then and there, just so that we were secure until the new chimney cap could be ordered. They came back the following week to install the cap with looks excellent. TriState Wildlife is a great company that can really do the trick."

    Joseph Ross - Yorktown, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Westchester Bird Removal - Birds in the Air Conditioner

    "We had a family of birds living under our bedroom air conditioner. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get them to leave. The noise in the early morning was even worse than the disgusting mess they were making all over the side of the house. Kris from TriState Wildlife removed the birds and their nesting by hand, then sealed everything up nice and tight, so that they couldn't get back under there. It's been a few weeks and everything is still nice and quiet. No more birds!"

    Rachel Robinett - Westchester, NY | Google+ Testimonials