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westchester ny groundhog trapping Woodchucks (also known as Groundhogs) can be a terrible nuisance to homeowners. When these relentless vegetarians emerge from their winter hideouts, they feed on everything in sight. In a matter of days, they can Decimate Your Garden and ruin your landscaping with deep and dangerous burrow holes.

Woodchucks also like to dig underneath decks and sheds, in order to make a nice safe home with minimal effort. Woodchucks can be one of the hardest nuisance animals to evict for these spaces. It's important NOT block their way in and out. If you trap a woodchuck under a deck or porch, it'll die under there, and Dead Animal Removal is never fun! If you have woodchucks on your property, we can help!

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Woodchuck Trapping and Removal in Carmel, NY - Putnam County

Our Brewster Office got a call from a homeowner in Carmel, NY. She'd just gotten home from vacation to find that her garden was destroyed. While she was away, a groundhog moved onto her property and ate the tops off of every single flower. Needless to say, she was quite upset. She'd called one other wildlife company before us, but they would only agree to use kill traps on the groundhog, which she absolutely did not want! Luckily, we always use live traps whenever possible.

We dispatched a trapper to her house that day, to inspect the property for any groundhog burrow holes. Once the active burrow was located, he dug the ground out a little more to accommodate a live-cage trap. Then he baited the trap with plenty of fresh vegetables to entice the groundhog out of it's hole. It worked like a charm, because he'd caught this cute little groundhog before the end of the day! Read More on Google+

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We specialize in Humane Live-Trapping and Relocation of Woodchucks & Groundhogs. We never use harmful chemicals, and only use lethal traps when absolutely necessary! We also provide Woodchuck-Proofing and Dead Animal Removal.

Our Woodchuck Removal Process

• On our initial visit, our trained technicians will complete a thorough inspection of the property. We check for all possible entry points and active burrow holes. Once we've determined where they are active, we can begin a trapping program* to clear out all offending wildlife.

* We use specially designed, live-cage woodchuck traps. This gives us the best chance of trapping your groundhog/woodchuck population, without harming them. In the rare case where this method wont work, we can use conibear traps to humanly euthanize

• When a family of groundhogs are removed from under your deck or porch, it's important to repair any damage they've caused. They've been using that space as their home, but also as their toilet. The pheromones they leave behind are a neon welcome sign to all the other animals in the area. Without properly securing your deck or porch, you may soon have more unwelcome critters.

We Provide Complete Animal Proofing, backed by our Animal Free Guarantee!

Woodchucks living under your deck? Call Us Today! (866) 977-4607

Woodchuck Trapping and Exclusion

An Armonk, NY homeowner had complaints of woodchucks living under the front porch. They first found holes around the yard and eventually one going under the porch, along with plenty of chirping below their feet. A 3 Day trapping program was enough to ensure every woodchuck had been caught and relocated. Once cleared out completely, the porch could be permanently animal proofed.

The perimeter was trenched out, and the opening sealed with layered, galvanized wire mesh. Once secured to the ground and affixed to the porch itself, the dirt could be replaced. As was the old rotten wood, which was re-faced using new white lattice. The solution looks fantastic and was guaranteed 100% effective.

Woodchucks living under porch Hole Dug Under the Front Porch by Woodchucksgroundhogs trapped and removed Permanently Animal Proofed Using Wire Meshtrenched, screened, finished carpentry Trenched Down to Prevent Any Further Digginganimal proofing complete Finished With White Lattice for Aesthetics

Woodchuck Removal in Westchester County, NY

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westchester woodchuck removal Woodchuck Hole and Damaged in Westchester, NYgroundhog hole - digging Typical Sized Woodchuck Hole In a Yardwestchester woodchuck trapping Groundhog In a Live Trap, Enjoying an Appledigging under shed - woodchuck hole Groundhog Hole Dug Under a Shed in Cold Springs, NYwoodchuck living under house Groundhog Poking His Head Out - Living Under a House

westchester groundhog trapping Huge Woodchuck Caught in a Special Live Trapgroundhog trapping alive Groundhog Removed from a Garden in Kenttrapped groundhog removed in connecticut Mean Looking Groundhog Trapped in CTgroundhog removed from garden Groundhog Trapped and Relocated groundhog trapping Groundhog Sitting In a Live Trap, Waiting to be Relovated

groundhog caught with special trap Groundhog Caught Alive Right Next to His Holehole under porch - woodchuck/groundhog Woodchuck Dug Under this Porch to Livewestchester, ny groundhog trapping Little Groundhog Trapped in Westchester, NYtwo groundhogs caught in one trap Two Small Groundhogs Trapped Togetherlive trapping specialists This Woodchuck Ate Every Flower Top in a Garden!

large woodchuck caught in humane trap Live Woodchuck Trapping in Westchester, NYwoodchuck caught in live trap Woodchuck Caught Living Under Porchgroundhog trapping in new york Humane Trapping and Removal of Groundhogs

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Springtime Groundhog Trapping and Removal in Westchester

    "We were really happy with the service that TriState Wildlife provided and would certainly use them again in the future. They were able to save what was left of our gargen, without killing any of the groundhogs. We love our garden, but we didn't want to kill them just because they ate some of our plants. TriState Wildlife was the only compnay that could promise to live catch them. They seemed to really care about the animals they work with, which was exactly what we were hoping for."

    Anna Reinhardt - Westchester, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Woodchuck Trapping and Animal Proofing a Porch

    "TriState Wildlife is an amazing job screening our porch for woodchucks. It was nice to see the process, becuase once they finished, it was completely invisible. The porch looks even better than before, since they hid the wire behind beautiful new lattice. It's really worked too! No more pesky critters living under there."

    Kathleen Williams - Larchmont, NY | Google+ Testimonials