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westchester squirrel removalNoises in the attic? You may have Squirrels living above you!

Squirrel infestations are one of the most common wildlife issues we face in the northeast. Squirrels breed twice a year, in the early spring and winter, and insulated attics make perfect nesting spaces for expecting mothers. Squirrels also group together in colonies, which causes serious damage can compound very quickly!

Squirrels are not typically aggressive, but any animal will defend itself if it feels cornered. Never attempt to handle or capture any wild animal. Keep yourself and pets at a safe distance, and Call Us immediately! (866) 977-4607

We specialize in Humane Squirrel Trapping, Squirrel Damage Repair, Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration. Whether your Squirrel issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with a lasting solution!

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Westchester Squirrel Trapping

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Squirrel Trapping and Removal in White Plains, NY - Westchester County

We responded this afternoon to a house in White Plains when the homeowner came home from work to discover a squirrel had fallen down the chimney and could not get back out.
Once inside the house, the squirrel chewed up the doors and windows looking for another exit.

After a short chase through the master bedroom, we were able to catch him and relocate him back into the wild.We then installed a critter proof chimney cap so that this doesn't happen again... Read Full Article on Google+

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Squirrel Damage & Health Hazards

When Squirrels choose to inhabit your home, it's imperative to take immediate action! Remember, you don't just have Squirrels. You have everything they bring with them, and everything they leave behind: disease, parasites, feces, urine and continued damage.

dangerous chewed wiringSquirrels chew on everything! Believe it or not, the biggest concern up front, is that Squirrels are a major Fire Hazard. Squirrels are believed to be responsible for thousands of house fires every year, from chewing on electrical wiring in walls and attics. Exposed wires are very dangerous and should be replaced as soon as the squirrels have been trapped.

Squirrels will either enter the home through existing holes and entry points, or simply chew their way in. Their powerful jaws and sharp teeth can easily gnaw through roofing shingles, fascia boards, venting, plywood, etc. Once inside, squirrels can cause an incredible amount of damage in a very short period of time!

Pregnant females are looking for a warm place to have their young. The insulation in your attic makes perfect nesting, after they tear and shred it as much as they possibly can. They'll continue chewing on support beams to keep their teeth sharp, as well as any personal belongings they find.

Serious Health Risks Include:

Squirrels don't leave your attic to use the toilet. Strong odors from feces and urine saturate quickly, and can be very hard to get rid of. The smell is quite offensive to humans, but serves as a neon vacancy sign to other squirrels in the area. All with the potential to bring fleas and other parasites into your home.

squirrels in the attic - westchester, ny Their feces and urine are also associated with potentially serious pathogens:

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
Squirrels excrete the virus in their urine, saliva, and droppings. A person may be exposed to hantavirus by breathing in contaminated dust after disturbing or cleaning rodent droppings or nests, or by living or working in rodent-infested settings. Fever, muscle aches, shortness of breath and sever cough can develop, quickly progressing to the point of hospitalization.


Humans are infected through contact with water, food, or soil containing urine from these infected animals (i.e. squirrels, rats, mice). The disease can also be transmitted through direct contact with urine, blood or tissue from an infected animal. The bacteria can enter through broken skin or through the soft tissues on the inside of the mouth, nose or eyes. Symptoms include fever, headaches, weakness and vomiting.

Bacteria which cause disease in humans and animals and is Transmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with animal feces. Salmonellosis can lead to severe cases of gastroenteritis, enteric fever septicemia (blood poisoning) and death.

Dead Squirrels:

When a squirrel dies inside an attic or wall, rat/mouse poison is often to blame. Dead squirrels cause terrible odors and their corpses become breeding grounds for flies and other disease vectors. Dead squirrel removal is usually a matter of following your nose to the wall, ceiling, soffit, or other, often inaccessible areas of your home, to cut them out. We complete countless dead squirrel removals every year.

Squirrel Proofing Process | Success Guaranteed!

Squirrel Proofing a home or building can be quite challenging and often hazardous work. This isnt a job for exterminators, as they are almost always ill-equipped to successfully and humanly fix a squirrel problem. Squirrels are considered nuisance wildlife and not pests. Humane, non-toxic methods of capture and relocation can be carried out 100% of the time!

• Once we've determined all vulnerable points of entry, we can begin a trapping program to clear the space of all offending wildlife. If baby squirrels have been left behind by their mother, a technician will locate and remove them by hand.

* Whenever possible, we try to keep family groups together. Baby Squirrels are always relocated with their mother. We deliver abandoned babies to a Rehabilitator, where they will be cared for until they reach maturity.

• When all Squirrels are trapped and relocated, external damage and entry points can be repaired. We use only the highest quality products, so that all our work can come with a written guarantee!

* Every TriState Wildlife technician is extensively trained in finished carpentry, so that all repairs will preserve the aesthetics of your property.

• Finally, when Hazardous Contamination has occurred, Attic Decontamination is vital.

Westchester Squirrel Removal - Armonk, NY

Westchester Squirrel Trapping and Removal Gallery

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel Noises in the Attic - Westchester Squirrel Removal

    "We just TriState Wildlife to remove a family of squirrels from our attic. We thought it was just a little squirrel problem when we started hearing noises in the attic. We had no clue just how bad it had gotten. The guys at TriState actually went up into the attic during their inspection to show us exactly what was going on. It was a nightmare!

    They set traps inside the attic and on the roof where they were getting inside. They were able to catch all 12 of them over the course of four days. They repaired all of the damage to the outside of the house to keep them out. They also cleaned up the huge mess that the squirrels made in the attic. That in itself was a fascinating process, although a little unnerving after reading up on all of the diseases squirrels carry. My only regret is waiting too long to call in an expert.

    TriState Wildlife provides first rate service. I can definitely recommend them to anyone with an animal problem."

    Jamie Delancie - Tuckahoe, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Westchester Squirrel Removal - Attic Restoration Service

    "My attic was infested with squirrels that completely destroyed my attic. They ruined every bit of insulation by making it their personal toilet and tearing apart everything they could find. The squirrels even chewed through thick support beams. It was insane! Thankfully I found TriState Wildlife, who took care of everything.

    There was a lot of work involved. The guys at tristate were great about documenting everythings as they went. They took before, during and after pictures of all of their work, which looked perfect. Their price was reasonable, especially considering their expertise. They were quick too. They finished the squirrel trapping, seal up, and attic decontamination in under two weeks. When they finished, not only were the squirrels gone, but so was any trace that they were ever in the attic. I was really pleased with the service."

    Adam McKenzie - Chappaqua, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel in the Attic Trapping and Removal Services

    "I highly recommend this company if you've got animal problems. We had squirrels living in our attic. They were chewing everything, making noise all day long, and destroying our insulation. TriState came out the same day we called. They humanely trapped the squirrels and repaired all the damage they caused. 5 star service!"

    Larry Arnett - Westchester, NY | Google+ Testimonials