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TriState Wildlife is a multi-generation, family operated business, with over 45 years of experience, in the field of nuisance wildlife removal. We've spent decades developing and perfecting the most innovative techniques, to successfully solve any wildlife issue a homeowner may face. This unparalleled level of wildlife experience and expertise has earned us a wonderful reputation, making Tristate wildlife the highest rated wildlife removal company in the entire northeast. We're the preferred company of local Police Stations, Municipalities and of course, our Satisfied Customers!

We specialize in Humane Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Relocation Services including: Bat Removal, Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal, Woodchuck/Groundhog Trapping, Skunk Trapping, Dead Animal Removal, Complete Home Animal Proofing, and Attic Decontamination and Restoration. We never use poisons or chemicals unless it's absolutely necessary!

Our skillfully trained team of Wildlife Removal Technicians, are fully equipped to handle every manor of animal infestation. Each has accumulated years of experience with animal behavior and trapping procedures, advanced animal proofing techniques, and health and safety standards, for decontamination and restorative services. We're a company comprised of animal lovers, which has made the humane and ethical treatment of all wildlife we encounter, the cornerstone of our philosophy.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work! Homeowners usually want their animal problems solved as soon as humanly possible, but they also want the job done well. Our goal is to do just that! We work quickly and efficiently, so that we can provide expedient services, at the highest level of quality in our field. You can see examples of our work, by visiting the Why Choose Us page.

Our Fairfield County offices are conveniently located in Danbury and Greenwich, CT. From these two locations, we're able to proudly service the whole of Fairfield County! We provide same and next day service for all home inspections, and offer an unmatched 24 Hour Emergency Service!

If there is a Wild Animal inside your home, Call Us Immediately!
Greenwich, CT Office: (203) 987-4487 | Danbury, CT Office: (203) 297-6347

If you've discovered Raccoons, Squirrels, or Bats are living in the attic, please don't hesitate to take action! These animals almost never leave on their own. The longer they're allowed to remain inside the home, the more damage they'll cause. Each of these animals are host to several parasites and diseases, which can bring serious health risks to all who live inside the home. Large infestations almost always require a thorough Attic Decontamination, to remove the harmful bacteria left behind.

Don't wait until your wildlife problem gets out of hand. Call Us Today! (203) 987-4487

Recent Wildlife Removal in Fairfield County, Connecticut

TriState Wildlife Removal Photos

fairfield bat removal Bat Proofing in Fairfield County, Connecticut    raccoon removal in greenqich, ct Two Adorable Raccoons Caught in the Same Trap    squirrel trapping and removal in fairfield county Little Squirrel Trapped During the Winter   emergency bat removal ct Impressive Wing Span for Such a Small Bat   skunk in garage - franklin lakes Little Skunk Trying to Hide in the Garage

Father and Son Bat Proofing Father & Son Bat Proofing a House in Greenwich, CT   complete home bat proofing Bat Exclusion Project. Complete Home Seal-Up   how to seal your house for bats Using the 40 Foot Ladder to Seal a Chimney for Bats   holding baby squirrel Cute Baby Grey Squirrel Holding Onto My Glove   reunited raccoon family Family Group Reunited at a Sanctuary

removing skunk family from under shed One of Eight Baby Skunks Removed From a Shed   flying squirrl skeleton in attic Squirrels Died in the Insulation After Eating Rat Poison   night vision - flying squirrels Night Vision Cam. Squirrels Coming and Going in Attic   flying squirrl skeleton in attic Flying Squirrel Skeleton in Attic Insulation   attic damage in rye, ny Extensive Attic Damage Caused by Raccoons

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Raccoon Trapping and Removal - Fairfield County, CT

    "Excellent service. TriState Wildlife was able to come out to our house to solve a Raccoon problem next to immediately, and not only did they capture the Raccoons and their pups, TriState took photos every step of the way and sent them to my email for review (we do not live in the house, our tenants do). They even temporarily sealed up some of the openings under our house to help prevent a repeat occurrence, and proposed to completely seal those openings if we would like to explore the option.

    Compared with a service we use a number of years ago that simply laid traps, told us what they removed at the end (we have no idea how many they actually removed - and they charged us per raccoon/opossum), and never once made any suggestions to help prevent the problem from occurring again, dealing with Kris and TriState Wildlife has been a breath of fresh air.

    Both of my tenants and I are extremely satisfied with this company, and would not only recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues, we will use them again ourselves if we have need for wildlife removal in the future."

    Mike Wiston - Stamford, CT 06902 | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Noises in our Attic - Removal & Exclusion in Fairfield County

    "TriState Wildlife is an excellent raccoon removal company that really knows their stuff. When my wife an I started hearing noises in the attic, we immediately started looking for wildlife management companies. We hired the first company we could get ahold of (Not TriState Wildlife) and it was just a nightmare. The guy that came looked was dressed like a creepy Steve Irwin and immediately started upselling us. We decided to just pay him and hope that he knew what he was doing, which unfortunately he did not! After a week of traps on the ground (not the roof like we asked), he trapped 1 raccoon and two skunks, but never caught the raccoon in the attic.

    After searching around on google, we found TriState Wildlife. Their reviews were steller and their work looked like it was all done by craftsmen. After a short conversation on the phone, they immediately came over to help. They closed down the other guys traps (we fired him that day) and set their own traps on the roof, right near a hole that was covered in raccoon hair. Needless to say they trapped the raccoon that night. They checked the attic for babies and sealed up all of the holes they could find. Their work looked amazing and they couldn't have been any more professional!

    I'll just say two things... always research a wildlife company before you hire them, and if you live in Fairfield county and are having raccoon problems, call TriState Wildlife! You won't regret it."

    Christopher Hendricks - Bethel, CT 06801 | Google+ Testimonials

  • Fairfield County Bat Control5 Star Rating Bat Removal and Exclusion in Fairfield, CT

    You've heard of bats in the belfry? Well, we had one in the bedroom, of all places! TriState returned my frantic phone call within 5 minutes--faster than any of our family doctors (just saying). Kris patiently told me exactly what to do, and promised to come to our house no matter what time of night--which he did, extremely competently and professionally, no muss/no fuss. But the absolute most important thing he did? Talked ME down from the ceiling--I was pretty unhinged by the time I called him. Couldn't pay enough for that particular part of the services TriState offered. Bottom line? House: hundreds of thousands. Insurance: thousands. TriState Peace of Mind: PRICELESS. Would fully recommend this company in a hypertensive minute!

    Amy Lindsay - Greenwich, CT | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel Infestation in Fairfield, CT - Squirrel Removal

    Our attic was infested with Squirrels that ruined our insulation. TriState Wildlife came by and inspected the whole house, inside and out. They were brave enough to go right into the attic, and even put up ladders to check behind the gutters, taking pictures the whole time to show us. By the end of the inspection, Kris was able to explain exactly how the squirrels were getting in and all the vulnerable points around the roof.

    Their price seemed reasonable for the amount of work needed and their level of professionalism. From squirrel trapping and seal up, to the attic restoration, the whole project took about two weeks. When they were finished, every squirrel was gone and so was every trace they'd ever been here. We couldn't be more pleased!

    Adam McKenzie - Fairfield County, CT | Google+ Testimonials

  • Fairfield County Bat Removal5 Star Rating 24/7 Emergency Bat Removal in Fairfield County, CT

    I've never been more scared in all my life! I woke up in the middle of the night with a bat crawling around the covers. My husband and I hid in the bathroom, and found Tristate wildlife's emergency service online. Kris was able to calm my husband and I down over the phone, and got to our house within the hour. He caught the bat and prepared it for testing. We got a call from the department of health two days later, letting us know the rabies test was negative, Thank God! We're both so grateful for all their help.

    Jennifer Carrera - Danbury, CT| Google+ Testimonials

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