Dead Animal Removal & Odor Control in Maybrook, NY

Dead Animal Removal can be pretty disgusting work! It may not be the most glamorous service we provide, but it's certainly the one our homeowners appreciate the most!

terrible wiring job - looks aweful When an animal dies inside your home, it naturally begins to decompose, and the stench that follows is often unbearable. Without locating the source and removing it, the smell can take several weeks before it even starts to dissipate. The dead animal is also a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, hundreds of flies and thousands of maggots. To put it plainly, you wont be able to wait this one out!

We do not pick up roadkill off sidewalks or streets. We also don't remove domestic pets. For these issues, please Call your Local Animal Control Department.

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TriState Wildlife is a Full Service, Nuisance Wildlife Company. We're a multi-generation, family run business, with 45 years of experience in the field. We're on call 24/7, for all Raccoon Removal Emergencies in the Orange County area of New York.

We specialize in Dead Deer Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Odor Control, Rabid Raccoon Removal, Rabid Skunk Removal, Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration in Maybrook, NY. Whether your Dead Animal issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with an immediate solution!

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removing dead deer in somers, ny Deer Hit by a Car and Died in a Back Yard nj rabid skunk removal Dead Skunk Shows Classic Signs of Rabies remains of decomposing raccoon Removing a Raccoon Carcass Under the House squirrels poisoned in attic This is Why You Shouldn't Use Rat Poison Inside dead squirrel in ceiling Cutting a Dead Squirrel Out of a Bedroom Ceiling

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Thank you for getting the dead deer out of our pool. It was way to heavy for my husband and I to move, and waaay to disgusting! We're happy to have him gone, even if it is gonna be a while before either of us will want to use that pool again.

  • I've never smelled anything worse in all my life! Our exterminator told us that mice would eat the poison and die outside. He couldn't have been more wrong! The stench seemed to be everywhere, but Kris was able to dead mouse on his first try. I don't think we could have made it one more day with that smell, so thank you!