Squirrel Trapping & Squirrel Removal in Ridgefield, CT

squirrel chewing chewed holes behind gutterNoises in the attic? You may have Squirrels living with you!

Squirrel infestations are one of the most common wildlife issues we face in the northeast! Squirrels breed twice a year (early spring and winter), and insulated attics make perfect nests for expecting mothers. Colonies group together and serious damage can compound very quickly!

When Squirrels choose to inhabit your home, it's imperative to take immediate action! Remember, you don't just have Squirrels. You have everything they bring with them, and everything they leave behind: disease, parasites, feces, urine, structural damge, and the fire hazards from chewed electrical wiring.

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TriState Wildlife is a Full Service, Nuisance Wildlife Company. We're a multi-generation, family run business, with 45 years of experience in the field. We're on call 24/7, for all Squirrel Removal Emergencies in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut.

We never use Poisons, or Harmful Chemicals, and always Live Trap animals when possible. We specialize in Humane Squirrel Trapping, Squirrel Damage Repair, Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration, in Ridgefield, CT. Whether your Squirrel issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with a lasting solution!

Read about Potential Health Hazards and Our Squirrel Removal Process!

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holding baby squirrel Cute Baby Grey Squirrel Holding Onto My Glove Grey Squirrel in One-Way Trap Grey Squirrel Caught in a One-Way Trap flying squirrel on book shelf Flying Squirrel Hiding on a Book Shelf fireplace squirrel trapped Squirrel Removed From Fire Place By Hand six squirrels removed Squirrel Colony Trapped and Relocated

squirrel damaged belongings in attic A Family's Boxes of Belongings Chewed Apart insulation with squirrel feces Contaminated Insulation & Electrical Wiring damaged electral wiring Squirrels Chew on Electrical Wiring - Very Dangerous! night vision - flying squirrels Night Vision Cam. Squirrels Coming and Going in Attic caught flying squirrel Flying Squirrel Caught in a Live Trap

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I highly recommend this company if you've got animal problems. We had squirrels living in our attic. They were chewing everything, making noise all day long, and destroying our insulation. TriState came out the same day we called. They humanely trapped the squirrels and repaired all the damage they caused. 5 star service!

  • I want to thank you for removing the flying squirrels from our house. The process was pretty interesting and I'm so glad that no animals were killed. Great job on the removal and seal-up! The noise is gone and we can finally sleep again!

  • We found out we were running a bed and breakfast for squirrels in our attic! You were the nicest wildlife guy we talked to, and your prices seemed really reasonable. We were also really impressed the professionalism and expertise your team demonstrated. Great job!