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raccoon removal - control Do you have Raccoons living in your attic, or on your property?
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Raccoons in the Attic happens to be one of the most common nuisance wildlife issues faced by homeowners in the Rockland County area of New York. Raccoons are clever and crafty urbanized animals. For the most part, raccoons are able to coexist in our neighborhoods, without too much interaction outside of the occasionally tipped over garbage can. However, when raccoons are getting ready to breed each year, they begin looking for the best man-made structure available. An attic can provide a pregnant female raccoon with one of the safest environments to have her young. The problem is that once inside, the damage to your home begins to compound very quickly! Read More About Raccoons in the Attic.

Raccoon Trapping is one of the most important service that we provide our customers near Rockland County, NY. Raccoons may be cute animals, but they can pose very serious dangers to your safety and the integrity of your home. Raccoons are strong and intelligent animals that can be very aggressive and unfriendly if they feel cornered or threatened. Raccoons are also known carriers of diseases, such as rabies, distemper and roundworm. For these reasons, you should never attempt to handle or capture a wild raccoons on your own. Keep your family and pets at a safe distance and call TriState Wildlife for help at (845) 367-7886.

TriState Wildlife provides Humane Raccoon Trapping, Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control, Raccoon Damage Repair and Hazardous Decontamination and Attic Restoration, Throughout the Rockland County area of New York.

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Raccoons in the Attic Near Rockland County, NY

Warning: Raccoons can act aggressively and should never be approached! *

TriState Wildlife is a multi-generation, family operated business, with over 45 years of experience, in the field of nuisance wildlife removal. We've spent decades developing and perfecting the most innovative techniques, to successfully solve any wildlife issue a homeowner may face. This unparalleled level of wildlife experience and expertise has earned us a wonderful reputation, making Tristate wildlife the highest rated wildlife removal company in the Rockland County area of New York. We're the preferred company of local Police Stations, Municipalities and of course, our Satisfied Customers! We're on call 24/7, for all Raccoon Removal Emergencies in the Stony Point, NY area.

We specialize in Humane Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Relocation Services including: Bat Removal, Raccoon Trapping and Removal, Squirrel Removal, Woodchuck Removal, Mice and Rat Control, Skunk Removal, Bird Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Complete Home Animal Proofing, and Attic Decontamination and Restoration. We never use poisons or chemicals unless it's absolutely necessary!

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Raccoons in an Attic - Near Rockland County, NY

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removing baby raccoons by hand A Baby Raccoon Trapped in a Wall Rescued by Hand raccoons in the attic -  Stony Point, NY Two Adorable Raccoons Caught in the Same Trap Stony Point, NY Raccoon in Attic Raccoon Trapped on a Roof After Exiting the Soffit raccoon trapping and removal Repairing a Roof Badly Damaged by Raccoons Raccoon Trapping Stony Point, NY Mother Raccoon Trapped With Babies

Raccoons in the Attic Baby Raccoons Born in a Rockland County, NY Attic Raccoon Attic Damage Extensive Attic Damage Caused by Raccoons Baby Raccoon Removal Baby Raccoon Trapping in an Attic Raccoon Noises in the Attic Scared Female Raccoon Living in a Stony Point, NY Attic fecal and urine damage in attic Raccoons Made this Attic Their Home and Toilet

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Raccoon Trapping & Removal in Stony Point, NY

    "TriState Wildlife is an excellent company. They were quick and thorough, and their prices seemed really reasonable. I'd been hearing noises in my attic for a couple days, when I saw a raccoon climb up onto my roof and into an attic vent. I found TriState Wildlife in a google search for 'Westchester Raccoon Removal' and was really impressed with all the positive reviews and the great examples of their work on their website.

    I called them up on a Tuesday and they'd caught the raccoon by Wednesday night. It turned out to be a mother with a bunch of little babies, that they took out of the attic by hand. Once they were all out, they sealed everything up nice and tight and gave me a written guarantee that I'd stay animal free. They made such a good impression on me, that I'm actually writing an online review, which I almost never do. They're a great company that you can trust!"

    Samuel Marsden - Stony Point, NY| Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Raccoon Removal & Attic Restoration in Stony Point, NY

    "We never had any problems when we moved here in our new house until recently we were disturbed by some strange noises from the attic. I rarely go there so I thought that it must be just rats until my husband told me that there were raccoons up there and making quite a mess. I don't want my husband to hurt them if he is going to shoo them away so I asked for professional help on this one.

    I called Tristate Wildlife to solve our raccoon problem and they arrived later that day and brought some equipment with them. They quickly started to remove the raccoons and they handled it with care and making sure they were not hurt. After that, they went up to seal the roof where the raccoons managed to enter before and even cleaned up the attic for us. I was really impressed with their professionalism at handling the situation and they were nice to even clean the mess. Two thumbs up for these guys. "

    Marie Helems - Rockland County, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Trapping Raccoons in the Attic - Stony Point, NY

    "TriState Wildlife is fantastic at what they do! I called them late one night when I heard strange noises in the attic. Based on my description alone, they were able to tell that it was raccoons. They eased my worry by telling me that we were safe for the night and they could come first thing in the morning to inspect everything. They showed up nice and early, checked out the attic and set raccoon traps on the roof. By the following day, they'd trapped the mother raccoon and later pulled 5 adorable baby raccoons from the attic. They sealed up a few holes and screened the attic vents, assuring me that I wouldn't have anymore animals getting in again. Their prices seemed very reasonable and the service was outstanding. I hope I never need to use them again (haha), but I'll absolutely be recommending them in the future! 5 Star Service!"

    Donna Geist - Rockland County, NY | Google+ Testimonials