Attic Decontamination & Restoration in Westchester, NY

If animals have been living in your attic, it may require urgent decontamination!

westchester attic decontamination and restorationAnimals like Raccoons, Squirrels and Bat bring serious health hazards with them into the attics they are nesting or roosting in. The attic becomes their main toilet, leaving insulation saturated with parasite filled urine and feces. Animals that live inside an attic will often die inside the attic as well. The diseases and pathogens that they carry are multiplied when their decomposing carcasses become breeding grounds for additional bacteria and diseases. According to the USDA and the Center for Disease Control, these dangers can be detrimental to the health of all occupants inside the home. This is why wildlife trapping and removal is only the first step in the process of protecting your home.

Unless properly removed, these dangerous contaminants can remain inside the insulation indefinitely. Diseases such as Raccoon Roundworm can lay dormant for years, before becoming airborne when disturbed. Breathing in this type of contaminated air can prove fatal in humans if undetected, or misdiagnosed.

Read More About Attic Contamination Health Risks & Our Decontamination Process

westchester raccoons in atticIn addition to the health risks, the odors left behind from the animals feces, urine and other by-products, serve as an attractant to the rest of the local wildlife population. The Cleanup Process is essential to preventing further infestations. Because of this, only homes that have undergone a thorough decontamination process can be provided a written guarantee that the space will remain animal free.

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Westchester Wildlife Removal & Exclusion - On Call 24/7!

Father and Son Bat Proofing TriState Wildlife is a Full Service, Nuisance Wildlife Company based in Westchester, NY. We're a multi-generation, family run business, with 45 years of experience in the field. We've spent decades developing and perfecting the most innovative techniques, to successfully solve any wildlife issue a homeowner may face. This unparalleled level of wildlife experience and expertise has earned us a wonderful reputation, making Tristate wildlife the highest rated wildlife removal company in the entire northeast. We're the preferred company of local Police Stations, Municipalities and of course, our Satisfied Customers!

We specialize in Humane Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Relocation Services including: Bat Removal, Raccoon Trapping and Removal, Squirrel Removal, Woodchuck Removal, Mice and Rat Control, Skunk Removal, Bird Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Complete Home Animal Proofing, and Attic Decontamination and Restoration. We never use poisons or chemicals unless it's absolutely necessary!

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Westchester Raccoon Removal & Attic Decontamination

If you've discovered Raccoons, Squirrels, or Bats are living in the attic, please don't hesitate to take action! These animals almost never leave on their own. The longer they're allowed to remain inside the home, the more damage they'll cause. Each of these animals are host to several parasites and diseases, which can bring serious health risks to all who live inside the home. Large infestations almost always require a thorough Attic Decontamination, to remove the harmful bacteria left behind.

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Hazardous Attic Contamination in Westchester County, NY

insulation with squirrel feces Contaminated Insulation & Electrical Wiring attic squirrel damage - westchester, ny Squirrel Damage In a Westchester New York Attic flying squirrl skeleton in attic Squirrels Died in the Insulation After Eating Rat Poison damaged electral wiring Squirrels Chew on Electrical Wiring - Very Dangerous! bat droppings in attic vent Bat Dropping in an Attic Vent - Falling onto the Porch

torn insulation and garbage from squirrels Extensive Squirrel Damage to Attic Space squirrel chewed hole What a Squirrel Hole Looks Like From The Inside flying squirrl skeleton in attic Flying Squirrel Skeleton in Attic Insulation histoplasmosis contamination Extensive Bat Contamination - Risk of Histoplasmosis electrical wires chewed by rats Chewed Wiring and Extensive Contamination!

hazardous raccoon fecal in attic Hazardous Feces Covering Entire Attic Space damaged attic restoration in westchester, ny Westchester Attic Decontamination & Restoration dead rat on insulation Dead Rat Decomposing in an Office Ceiling severe attic damage Contamination Often Piles Up Very Quickly! attic damage in rye, ny Extensive Attic Damage Caused by Raccoons

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Westchester Squirrel Removal - Attic Restoration Service

    "My attic was infested with squirrels that completely destroyed my attic. They ruined every bit of insulation by making it their personal toilet and tearing apart everything they could find. The squirrels even chewed through thick support beams. It was insane! Thankfully I found TriState Wildlife, who took care of everything.

    There was a lot of work involved. The guys at tristate were great about documenting everythings as they went. They took before, during and after pictures of all of their work, which looked perfect. Their price was reasonable, especially considering their expertise. They were quick too. They finished the squirrel trapping, seal up, and attic decontamination in under two weeks. When they finished, not only were the squirrels gone, but so was any trace that they were ever in the attic. I was really pleased with the service."

    Adam McKenzie - Chappaqua, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Raccoons in the Attic - Decontamination and Restoration

    "TriState Wildlife did excellent work! Their price was more expensive than the other wildlife company that gave an estimate, but the TriState really seemed to have more experience. We had Raccoons living in our attic long enough for them to destroy everything. It was truly disgusting! I'll never forget the smell.

    Four TriState techs worked for 3 days striaght to decontaminate everything. They filled up a 30 yard dumpster with all the debris they removed. They vacuumed for hours! They kept me updated with pics the whole time, so I didn't have to go up until they were finished. The attic looks beautiful now. They did a great job!"

    Thomas Matthews - Westchester, NY | Google+ Testimonials

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